Meera is a professional in her late 30s and has 2 children aged 8 and 11. She had been in an unhappy marriage for quite a long time but she was in denial of the abuse in the relationship. She joined the Invisible Scars support group where we regularly share information to create awareness about domestic abuse. Among our many posts, Meera read the emotional abuse checklist and recognized many similarities in her situation at the time. She started to read up and research about abuse. Initially she tried to make things work by seeking counselling. But her husband was rigid in his ways. Moreover, she could sense that her children were uncomfortable and unhappy with the overall situation.

She moved out in order to check if she and her children would be able to manage alone (a testing period). Being a working professional, she could afford to live independently. She filed for divorce under the DV Act of 2005. Even though court proceedings were not easy, she did not want to go back into a bad marriage. During this period, her husband left no stone unturned to trouble her and the children and constantly harassed them. To be able to cope with this harassment, she sought psychological counselling for herself and her children which provided them with the much-needed objectivity and emotional stability.

2 years later she was granted a divorce. Since divorces in India continue to remain a stigma, Meera constantly worried about her decision and its impact on her children. All her fears were put to rest when her son told her how happy he was to be away from “that man” and how scared he was living with him.  Meera also got support from her family, friends, colleagues and neighbours which made moving out and resettling much easier. Meera, with her children, has moved to another city. With a new job in a senior capacity, she lives in a decent place and her children go to a reputed school. They are in a happy and peaceful environment leading a stress-free life. Meera  is looking forward to traveling the world and trying all her favorite food while also hoping for a second chance in life.