What Is Invisible Scars

Domestic abuse can exist in any domestic relationship and is not restricted to intimate partner violence or abuse through in-laws. While physical violence is visible and apparent, emotional, verbal, economic or digital violence, in domestic relationships, is not even discussed or recognised. Reasons given to normalise or minimise domestic abuse are tradition, society, culture, religion, caste or sexual orientation, to name a few. Invisible Scars is a support group for individuals to assist and empower each other. Whether you are facing domestic abuse or not, being part of a support group helps you increase your tribe. You can help yourself or you can help someone else who is suffering in silence. Some individuals going through abuse through their parents, partners, in-laws, relatives and friends, feel humiliation and shame in discussing such issues. As a result, most of the times those who are being abused keep quiet or refuse to revolt. Through this group, we have attempted to created a supportive environment and ecosystem, where we encourage individuals to openly discuss their issues, seek help from fellow members, learn how to say no and draw boundaries. At “Invisible Scars” we believe in the power of counselling and therapy. Through this platform we hope to be able to reach out to more people and empower them to take their life and happiness in their own hands. We support individuals with creating awareness, sharing resources and trying to usher in behavioural changes that will enable them to tide through abusive relationships. Relationship dynamics steadily evolve with time, and as they evolve, so do expectations. The trick of achieving happiness and fulfilment in a relationship is to understand how the people in it have evolved and usher in behavioural changes to suit that evolution. Invisible Scars would like to change the narrative that currently accompanies domestic abuse in all forms, in our country.


Empowering Abused Individuals


Create a compassionate, inclusive and connected ecosystem of support, transcending geographic boundaries, so that every abuse survivor gets the help they need


Non discriminatory, Non Judgemental, Inclusive, Human Centric, Empathetic

Who We Are

Invisible Scars is an initiative of Good Universe. Althoughwe are based out of Hyderabad we mostly operate virtually thereby not restricting our work to any geographical location. Ours is of a first of its, kind online support group for individuals facing domestic abuse. We endeavour to help people of all ages and genders, who are facing domestic abuse.

Good Universe was started in 2015, and we are a young NGO with a dedicated group of people. We identify ourselves as a hub for Capacity Building And Training, Content Creation, Surveys and Research and Awareness Creation. We believe in collaboration instead of competition, and this is something we are proud to have achieved by working side by side with our partner NGOs, legal agencies and renowned consultants from these fields. Our ultimate objective is to drive behavioural and attitudinal change in society. We believe that everyone has the freedom to exercise a right over their life choices, happiness, bodies, and sexuality, with the right tools and resources to enable that freedom. Our vision is to create a free and equal world for everyone, free of judgements. In today’s increasingly intolerant world, the belief of a fair and equal world may seem like wishful thinking, however we will continue to work for access to a dignified life for everyone we touch.

Areas of Focus

Gender Based Violence 

Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness

Domestic Violence and Abuse Support

Sexual Harassment At Workplace (PoSH) Awareness

Workplace Culture Building

Gender Sensitisation, Stereotypes, Equality, Intersectionality, D&I and Rape Culture Sessions

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Abuse Recovery Counselling

Batterer Intervention Counselling

Family Counselling

Mental Health Awareness and Self Care

Group and Personal Counselling Sessions

Our Team

Ekta Viiveck Verma

Ekta’s career spans 25+ years, across sectors with corporate roles centred around business development, marketing, retail entrepreneurship. She moved into the social sector 7 years back. Ekta has kept the focus of her work around enabling behavioural changes, creating awareness and a network of resources to help people in distress in the space of domestic abuse, rape and sexual harassment at workplace. Her work is largely gender agnostic. She founded the initiatives – Invisible Scars and Poorn Viraam. She works closely with other NGOs, legal authorities, corporates, schools and colleges. Ekta is an executive committee member of the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) and team member of Society for Advancement of Human Endeavour (SAHE) – a not for profit society and also a core committee member of TiE Women Entrepreneur forum in Hyderabad and is helping to develop the ecosystem of Hyderabad for women entrepreneurs. She is the licensee for TEDxHyderabadWomen.

Kamal Nayak
Senior Program Head

Kamal is a UN SDSN Fellow, advocating Sustainable Goals, Good Health And Gender Equality. He promotes gender relationships that improve equity between boys and girls and within schools, families, communities, and societies from the last 5 years. He founded Good Universe NGO, which is working at the intersection of climate change and gender. He has done multiple programs with reputed colleges, corporations, and communities. Kamal is also a Global Shaper at the World economic forum and represented India. He has been awarded for his work from various organizations. He has also been featured in local and national media like The better India, India Ahead, TOI, and The Hindu. More than 16,390 women and adolescent girls have been benefitted through his work. He was awarded the “SOCIAL ACHIEVER AWARD-2017” by GPE Foundation

Dr. Anusha Pilli
Public Health Specialist

Anusha is a Dentist, Public Health Specialist, a researcher, and a social worker. She is an Advocate for Global Schools Program and initiative of UN Sustainable development Solutions Network- Youth and a Rising Star at WeduGlobal. She is a Program Director and State coordinator- A.P at Good Universe NGO. She did her research on Disposal and treatment of used sanitary pads in Hyderabad city. As a sustainable menstruation practitioner and women’s health educator, she identified the need to educate, enable and empower young girls and women on sustainable and holistic sexual, reproductive and menstrual health, created an impact of 6000+ adolescent girls and women by creating awareness on Sexual Reproductive and Menstrual health and hygiene management. She is a specialist in facilitating gender inclusive sessions for male adolescents and youth, through different programs. She believes that gender equity and gender intelligence can only be achieved through inclusivity

Jayant Verma

Jayant Verma is the founder of SAMVAD Advocacy, a well known NGO headquartered in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. senior media professional and a lawyer, the key functionary of the organization brought to light the plight of the displaced people through news coverage and highlighting the contradiction in the state rehabilitation policies through his extensive writings. He is was also instrumental for enactment of famous Environmental Protection Act in year 1986. The absence of a professional advocacy institution in M.P. that supported these social movements, in 1999 led to the establishment of SAMVAD Society for Advocacy and Development, under the Societies registration Act.

Viiveck Verma

Viiveck is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified professional Coach. He is the founder of Upsurge Global. He has 30+ years of work experience in well-known corporate houses, with a proven track record for excellence and dynamic leadership. He has successfully executed key positions of diverse nature and capacities during his career as being a C-level Executive. Viiveck is known for high levels of integrity, professional loyalty, and maturity. His leadership skills, strong commitment to ethical and professional standards was duly recognized with an award for “Best Ethics in Business” by then Civil Aviation Minister – Praful Patel. During his tenure in the travel industry, he was also recognized as an industry “Thought Leader”. He is a Zenger Miller Frontline Leadership Certified Trainer. Viiveck’s portfolio includes the following roles: Senior Advisor – Telangana Govt focused on Social Innovation and Social Impact, Board Member – TiE Hyderabad, Ex Board Member – Hyderabad Angels, Founding Member – IIIT Seed Fund, Mentor – Start-up Ecosystem, Licensee & Organizer– TEDxHyderabad and General Secretary – SAHE (Society for Advancement of Human Endeavour). As an Investor, his investments are sector agnostic and currently include 25 start-ups. At any given point of time he mentors approximately 10 or more start-ups

Language Proficiency

 English, Hindi, Odia, Telugu


Awareness Creation, Capacity Building and Training, Content Creation, Surveys, Research

Communities We Work With

Marginalised Urban and Rural Groups Including Women, Children and Men