Identity of Modern Woman

Most women in India lead double lives. We observe them wearing modern clothes and living life to the fullest, with laptop bags swung jauntily over one shoulder. We see them at pubs, malls and corporate offices and marvel that the women in India have come a long way, but have they? Dig a little deeper though and the picture gets a little murkier.

Dowries are getting fatter and weddings more lavish. Crimes against women are getting more violent. Even as women are getting financially independent, most still don’t have any control over how their money is spent and invested. In fact, a lot of women don’t even have any control on their time and life. Women are becoming more responsible and working harder than ever but are they really empowered? Are they happy? The patriarchal system that exists in India is such that men lay down the rules but often make women enforce them.
This website aims to address these biases that women face in their everyday life that holds them back even when they struggle to break free.

Identity of Modern Man

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