• Women in Subordinate Roles

    Several texts of different cultures glorify women in subordinate roles and men in authoritative roles thereby translating into social systems where power is primarily held by adult men – also called patriarchy

  • Perceived Disrespect and Disobedience

    In Indian culture ”standing up for yourself” is perceived as disrespect and disobedience of elders. This is usually taken too personally, losing objectivity in the process.

  • Only Physical Abuse is Recognized

    In societies like ours abuse is not recognized as a problem by the either the abuser, the abused or their families. Gender-based abuse is entrenched in society, reinforced and powered by patriarchy

  • Excess Family Interference

    Parents/in-laws tend to think it is their right to exert their will on the married couple, not giving them space and freedom to take their personal decisions; It is usually worse if they stay with the couple

  • Humiliation and Shame

    Women feel humiliation and shame in discussing such issues with friend and family hence most of the times keep quiet or refuse to revolt

  • Stigma And Taboos

    Societal stigma is associated with broken marriages, talking about your in-law problems or the perception of being disrespectful

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  • Financial Dependency

    A lot of women quit their jobs after marriage or are forced to leave to take care of in laws/children and are stay at home moms, hence become financially dependent on their husbands

  • Forever Pushed to Compromise

    Once married, a girl is always pushed back to compromise and adjust by her parents and siblings for the fear of societal ostracization.

  • Lack of Awareness In Men

    There is complete lack of awareness in men, even though they watch it happen to their mother and sisters, they do not understand when the thin line is crossed

  • Ridicule Faced By Men Due To Patriarchy

    Men tend to speak on behalf of their side of the family often ignoring what is right or wrong because of the fear of being ridiculed as “Joru Ka Ghulam”

  • Advice that Aggravates

    Sometimes there is abuse by the man’s side and advise comes from the woman’s family thereby aggravating the already bad situation

  • It is Everyone's Business

    Advice is freely offered by friends and family  to a woman, if the topic is discussed. This advice comes from the reality of the individual giving the advice. This ranges anywhere from compromise to revenge

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  • Ridicule and Gossip

    Major stigma is associated with visiting a psychiatrist/psychologist and even educated women hesitate. This is so because they fear ridicule, gossip and being labelled as some one who is mentally unstable

  • Low Awareness About Mental Health

    Very low awareness and sensitivity towards mental illnesses and mental health exists, thereby reducing the impact of the problem and trivializing it

  • Lack Of Good Counsellors

    Very low awareness about the role of counsellors and lack of availability of good counsellors

  • No Understanding Of Effect On Children

    Women/Men lack the knowledge  to understand how this kind of abuse affects children negatively in a household

  • Children Imitating And Absorbing Behaviour

    Children often times become abusive themselves or think it is okay to put up with abuse

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