Legal Resources

For domestic violence survivors, not finding a trusted lawyer can be a very traumatic experience. This can lead to long drawn court battles, pendency in cases and extreme mental stress. This adds another layer to the already existing trauma being faced by a survivor, making it very difficult for them to navigate their and their children’s life ahead. So, we at Invisible Scars, decided to tie up with legal professionals we trust, so that you can get the help you need. You can choose the professional best suited for you and write to us on to fix up a time with the legal professional for a consult. The consultation charges are fixed at Rs. 3000/- per hour and appointment will be fixed only post payment.

Our Lawyers

Jyoti Das

She is an advocate practicing before various fora in Delhi and is currently running a start-up law firm with a female leadership. She has extensive experience of dealing with women related issues especially around matrimonial and property laws especially in cases involving NRIs

Sagina Walyat

A GOI awardee, practicing in Punjab & Haryana & Delhi High Court. She is a human, womxn rights & public policy lawyer , recipient of ‘web wonder women award, by GOI, 2019 for legal & policy, featured in “5 Most inspiring women in India” by Times of India, 2016

M.A. Shakeel

He is an advocate practicing in the High Courts of Telangana and AP, works towards ensuring the right of marginalized communities. He has been part of the Human Rights Law Network and is rendering support to the voiceless to empower them in the fight against injustice

Rajul Jain

Bhaskar Agarwal