Is Conflict The Same As Abuse?



It happens between two equal partners – Equality

Partners are not equal as one has more power over the other – Inequality

It can be led to resolution by negotiation with both involved parties – Non abusive

Negotiation and resolution have no place here – Abusive

It focusses on real life issues or emotions – Rational

It is based on unrealistic expectations or demands – Irrational

Both involved parties accept differences and responsibilities – Accepting the blame

Abusers do not take responsibilities and blame others for the abuse – Blame shifting

Both respect and value each other – Respectful

The abuser does not respect or value others – Disrespectful

Conflict decreases with understanding, acceptance and willingness to change – Safe

Abuse escalates with time as there is no understanding and acceptance. There are promises to change however no change is seen – Unsafe

Mental and physical health is not impacted – Healthy

Mental and physical health are badly impacted leaving a survivor anxious, depressed, physically sick or much more – Unhealthy

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